Canadian Experience Class

This class was created in recognition of the fact that people with work and/or study experience in Canada often make very good immigrants who have already started to integrate into the Canadian community.

There are two ways to qualify. Both require minimum levels of language proficiency in English or French.

  • One way to qualify is to have worked in qualifying positions two fulltime or equivalent years in Canada in the past three years.
  • The other is to have graduated from a qualifying program after at least two years of fulltime study, or graduated from a one year graduate program after having recently received an undergrad degree in Canada, and to have one year of qualifying work experience in Canada within the last two years.

Remember that the requirements mentioned here do not cover all the details. You must review the full details and your experience to see if you qualify.

 This class can be a good alternative to a Skilled Worker application as the requirements are straightforward and thus the applications are processed relatively quickly.